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Professionalism, consistency, and an aim to please disposition is what you will receive .

Dedicated to providing excellent customer service and the ultimate client experience is the main goal. 



Kimberly (Kimmie for short), made her debut in the beauty industry many years ago as a licensed beautician. She did hair professionally for several years and decided to enter Corporate America to ensure that she could feed her two small children. A single mother of 2 was devastated but had to do what she had to do because there were too many inconsistencies with being a young business owner. A lover of all things beauty, she kept the love for hair, makeup, and nails near and dear to her heart and has returned with a vengeance and a promise to slay all faces she encounters. Wisdom, passion, and sheer love for the beauty world, she renewed her certificates and returned to her first and skin care! 




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